Beauty Cream


10 problems 1 solution

  1. Sun tan
  2. Dark spots
  3. Blemishes
  4. Pimples
  5. Freckles
  6. Wrinkles
  7. Tanned Feet , Neck, Fingers & Elbow
  8. Blackheads
  9. Dark Circles
  10. Side Effects of Makeup

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The only beauty cream of Pakistan which removes pimples, freckles, wrinkles dark circles and black spots. As well as, make the skin softer, fairer and beautiful.

For international customers
HS Code:                               3304.9910

CBM:                                      0.055821

Weight:                                  14.3(kg)

Pcs Per Carton:                    144

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Weight 0.040 kg


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